Motor Boat Daiquiri

  • $8.99
Don't forget these...


Built for speed? Or built for comfort? It doesn't matter...when you're looking to party, a Motor Boat is always a good place to start. 

The fruit-filled mix of Strawberry and Mango flavors in our Motor Boat daiquiris will get you where you want to go....ya ol' sailor, you! 

  • 5

    Great experience with friends and family. Wanted something to cool off from the heat… this was just the place. Drinks were made perfect.


  • 5

    Staff, Lit. Drinks, Bussing. Vibes, EMACULATE. The staff are very helpful and the drinks are amazing. Honestly a 13/10.


  • 5

    This place is on par with the Louisiana daiquiri places. Drinks are nice and slushy, and they are strong!